Breadboard & Prototype
There has been much pressure placed on system designers to verify their designs with computer simulations before committing to actual printed circuit board layouts and hardware. Simulating complex digital designs is extremely beneficial, and very often, the prototype phase can be eliminated entirely. However, bypassing the prototype phase in designs can be risky for a number of reasons.

We use several prototyping methods to validate the design. As basic principle a breadboard or prototype structure is a temporary structure that is designed to test the performance of an electronic circuit or system.


By definition, Breadboarding or Prototyping must be easily modifiable as it servers as a testing platform for the various components, interconnects, firmware, system methodology, and overall customer interaction.

At Viterbis, we believe that breadboarding or prototyping is a major step in the overall development evolution of a product. A milestone achievement, that may considerably help the attainment and augmentation of an upcoming patent filing and intellectual property company portfolio.