Laundry Service Adapter

Our product uses the latest in smart metering technology to provide the best industry owner and client services as a low cost alternative to conventional payment systems.

Product: The laundry equipment adapter constantly monitors each washer and dryer by providing live real-time data to a central intelligent cloud service which communicates with owners and clients regarding equipment status to offer the most complete set of customization services in the laundry industry.

The laundry adapter is sold in kits which are compatible with virtually all makes and models. It can be installed as a retrofit kit for existing older laundries or in new construction for the newest equipment available. Adapters are connected to 120V or 240V plugs prior to the electrical supply outlet. Communication can be hardwired or wireless (Wi-Fi or GSM) depending on owner's preference and internet connection availability. It is compatible with all existing payment systems including coin, magnetic card, credit card, smart card, and NFC. We also offer online payment and scheduling solutions via onsite touchscreen interface or client PC or mobile device for the best in convenience.

Premium Laundry Adapter

figure2sFigure 1: Premium Laundry Service Adapter Configuration Options

Services Provided to Owners

Web Based Auditing/ Theft Prevention
Keep accurate logs and get reports of machine use and downtime. Confirm number of cycles per machine. Verify income regardless of payment system (no more machine / income tampering).
Multi-level Pricing(Multi-vend or Cycle Based Pricing)
Provide incentives to operate equipment during slower hours with cheaper rates to increase laundry capacity efficiency. Offer early bird specials or mid-day specials to increase volume during slow periods. Provide tiered pricing depending on the time of the day when utilities prices are tiered hourly.
Since a tenant may tag a machine as broken, the maintenance personnel would be notified as soon as possible. The system will also monitor the behavior of all the machines such as to determine if any of them has been unavailable to run. In that case the owner will be notified to check on the machine?s status.
Upgradeable Services
Select the payment system that best suits your needs and have the system tailored to your specifications. Upgrade software as your needs change while using existing hardware.

Services Provided to Clients

Online Machine Status
Allow clients to check the real-time status of the machines they require online. No need to wait in line anymore or have to stop by the site to see availability.
Online Scheduling
Clients can easily reserve equipment for specific dates and times online. The scheduling system can provide reminders before and after equipment use via email and text message.
Loyalty Program
Your client consumer practices are recorded. Discounts or coupons can be used to encourage laundry loyalty and increase profits and increase customer base.
Web Based Access
Clients can easily reserve equipment for specific dates and times online. The scheduling system can provide reminders before and after equipment use via email and text message.

Basic Laundry Adapter
figure1sFigure 2: Basic Laundry Service Adapter Configuration Options

Opportunity: Looking for an upgrade, low cost, entry-level device for auditing and customer convenience without the need to modify your current payment system. Try the Basic Laundry Adapter to make your laundry "smarter" and more profitable.

NOTE: All system specifications can be tailored to fit your needs. Let us know which options you prefer and have your system custom engineered by one of our sales engineers.

Laundry Adapter Installs


Figure 3: Apartment Building Installation