Mass Communication Service

Our electronic mass communication system provides public outreach, under emergency and non-emergency conditions via a host of reliable and flexible methods.

Service: The service-based offering allows notifications to be delivered on demand or automatically based on triggered alarms and preset conditions. Our system differentiates and prioritizes emergency from non-emergency messages and delivers notifications via voice-mail, e-mail and text messages (SMS).

Additionally, our service is capable of making unsolicited announcements through social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Main product features

  1. The system relies on the cellular infrastructure to deliver the outgoing messages, process and verify the incoming SMS messages
  2. Outgoing and incoming email notification messages verify remote party acceptance and guarantee service delivery
  3. Notifications can be refined so that alerts reach a selected subgroup
  4. Group alert filtering options can accommodate any discriminating data factor
  5. A web portal and mobile application give authorized users total system access

Additional features

  1. System Capacity
    1. Load volume increases lead to spontaneous system service expandability across all sites
    2. High burst rate alerts are mitigated across all sites to decrease message latency
  2. Redundancy
    1. Critical component duplication options and mechanisms guarantee service availability
    2. Software and hardware redundancies integrated in the system make offering virtually indestructible
    3. UPS and server backup systems prevent power outages
    4. Geographically dispersed service centers ensure uptime during natural disasters
    5. System monitors site hazard and natural disaster conditions (fire, floods, earthquake, and burglary) to gracefully shut down and transfer control to other sites