Object Tracking / Storage & Logistics Management

Our wireless object tracking product simplifies inventory, storage and logistics management by making available a host of services to end-users seeking the remote identification of objects at rest or motion.

Product: The object tracking system consists of an ecosystem of low cost remote object sensors attached to each traced asset and a small number of access points (APs) covering the area of interest. Back-end interconnected access points driven by our proprietary server remotely locates the objects of interest.

Additionally, our remote sensors can also be utilized for remote data acquisition extraction, security and system control.

Main product features

  • Tracking
    • Missing tools indoor location
    • Use of active tags on equipment and supplies
    • Wireless infrastructure throughout a facility
    • Results gathered are used in asset management and logistics optimization
  • Maintenance
    • Facilities operations can be improved
    • Equipment failure can be prevented
  • Security
    • Restricted monitoring access
    • Past historic trace-ability and alarm capability
    • Security perimeter for all portable assets

Additional features

  1. 3.5G Cellular Access Point (Remote site connectivity)
  2. Carry out inventory audits
  3. Data Acquisition (Extracts remote sensor & tool information)
  4. Extract remote sensor information
  5. FIS API (Seamless integration to IT software)
  6. GPS Outdoor tracking
  7. Low power and energy harvesting
  8. Machine-to-Machine interaction (Intra-asset communication)
  9. Mobile application (Android & iPhone)
  10. Paging service via SMS (Alarm & perimeter notification)
  11. RFID Support (Track experiments & FA parts)

Product technical features

  1. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Interface
  2. Extensibility
  3. Flexible API
  4. Network Management (SNMP)
  5. Resilience and Fallout support (1:1)
  6. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Support
  7. Scalability
  8. Seamless handoff and connectivity to 4G and Wi-Fi anywhere at any time
  9. Support of Multiple Test Beds